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Sex in FCPSchools! Does it really happen?

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Now that i am in HS, i see alot more than when i was in middle yea, students have sex all the time in school. In middle school, some, but only a few went “all-the-way”, most of us went as far as giving head, but never ever in school. Here at Madison, students fool around all over....on the way to school on the bus, skipping class and hiding in a bathroom, after school during activities is the easiest time because most teachers leave or they are completely checked-out and dont even supervise us.

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I see it happen way more often now since teachers don’t really do much supervising outside of their own classrooms

Anonymous 2 months ago

i hooked up with my gf recently in Madison and we were kinda horny so we skipped afterschool and went straight into the bathrooms and ripped open her leggings and fucked her hard! She moaned pretty loud but surprisingly no one heard it! Best time of my life

Anonymous 6 months ago

i see it happen all of the time between student. Apparently now between students and teachers lol wtf is happening in our schools? Who is in charge and who is doing the hiring?

Anonymous 6 months ago

Absolutely! I have witnessed it and have actually done it a few times..there is so little supervision.

Anonymous 6 months ago

me and my bf hook-up all the time. We are close to Vienna metro at Oakton so sometimes we will skip and just go to the parking garage.

Anonymous 8 months ago

For sure...see it all the time. Almost no supervision by the teachers...mostly on their cell phones themselves. A lot at games and after-school too. It kinda shocks me that so much goes on besides education.

Anonymous 8 months ago

All the time...almost zero supervision by the teachers and principals. I go to Annandale and the students basically run the school so we get away with whatever we want.

Anonymous 9 months ago

It sure does! I saw 2 juniors going at it on the 3rd day. But in my opinion, it is just gross. Not the sex part, but doing it school. My school is so grimy and dirty I couldn’t even imagine. I go to Madison (supposed to be one of the better schools), but looking the fucking cockroach chillen near my locker.

MadisonChik 9 months ago

way more than people think for sure

nonabusiness 12 months ago

I have seen first hand...mostly after school tho when there is a bit less supervision and most teachers are just on their cell anyways.

Anonymous 1 year ago

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