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Pervert many in FCPS!

I have had a few in my day...for sure! Even one tennis coach when i was in 7th grade. At the time i just thougt she was being super nice, but now that i am a few years older, i know that she was flirting with me. She used to always give me shaving supplies like cream, razor, lotion and one time showed me how. The male coaches are the most forward (which isnt always a bad thing)...they way the look you up and down, like you are a piece of meat ready to be devoured. Not going to lie....i do sometimes like the attention. I sometimes would purposely dress a certain way that showed off my cleavage, or my super long legs (skirts are my favs) just to see their reactions.

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I wonder if parents know what really goes on in FCPS schools?...especially dads if they have a daughter.

Anonymous 12 months ago

I love LAX in middle school and thought I would be playing it all thru HS, but as soon as I got to HS I realized something. That something is that most males teachers, coaches, and admin are not happy at home if you know what I mean. I have been hit-on, checked-out and even propositioned so many times by staff members. It’s kind a crazy. Anyways, I ended up quitting as it was just way to much pressure.

Anonymous 12 months ago

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