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Franconia Elementary School staff kills a 9 year old boy

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due to negligence and absolutely NO charges by FCPD file or no consequences by FCPSGatehouse. See below the folding divider that killed the 9 year old austic boy who went missing during PE class and ultimately crushed to death. The divider is still being used. UNBELIEVABLE!

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The FCPD cannot perform a legit investigation as they are partial to FCPS (which of course should not be this way). We need the Virginia state police to look into this.

Anonymous 1 year ago

Two of FCP’s finest responsible

Anonymous 1 year ago

This poor 9 year old boy was killed by pure negligence and a criminal level disregard for common safety around children. FCPD says "no charges expected to be filed" WTF! At the very least the Principal and the adult in charge at the time of the reckless endangerment should be fired. Imagine sending your beloved child to school every day and winding up with that child's head crushed by machinery because of purely incompetent staff members of the FCPS. I can't imagine the pain those parents are going through right now. How do these FCPS people sleep at night?

Anonymous 1 year ago

Anonymous 1 year ago

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