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FCPS Substitute Teachers

If she was hired as a substitute then anyone who works at a school in FCPS can tell you there is and has been a massive shortage of substitute teachers for the past 8+ years. This leads to classrooms being babysat by non teachers, usually instructional assistants which follow mediocre sub plans made by the teacher. You can compare it to kindergarteners coloring in a coloring book. That’s the type of educational day they get.

Seeing as there is only about 2 times a year all teachers are present and the fact that FCPS did away with retired teacher sub pay, including slashing the hourly wage for a regular substitute teachers pay to barely above McDonald’s pay rate. That’s probably why she was hired, matter of fact, if she was hired as a Sub then that is exactly why she was hired. They’d rather drive to prince William, Loudoun, Alexandria city, or Arlington to substitute and get paid more.

This is all due to lack of funds from the county and budget cutting. You should stop bitching about how your kids should get educated if you voted No on the restaurant tax. If you live in fairfax then you shouldn’t complain about paying a little more. That barely 2000sq ft house you own is worth almost a million dollars and when you look out the window you can see inside your neighbors. 2 counties away that house is barely worth 200k and comes with 2-5 acres. Vote Yes!

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