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Lake Braddock Sexual Assault & Corruption

Finally the real truth is starting to surface regarding FCPS Administrative & Central Office handling of sexual assault complaints against a BB coach.

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Mr. Sills the Director of Equity and Employment Relations will be moving to a different job and a number of people is so very happy. He didn't take care of some of the issues at certain elementary and middle schools with high turnover and complaints of discrimination.

People have to be made to feel uncomfortable, and especially white people, because we’re comfortable. We still have no clue what being born white means.

Anonymous 2 years ago

Have I got this right? Teen girls were harassed by a 50 year old male coach. Administration covered it up. FCPS looked the other way. New Superintendent signed off on the coverup. School board refused to look at case. And we're talking about whether the boys' football coach cussed in the locker room? You've got to be f'n kidding me.

Anonymous 2 years ago

Hey Bruin 4 Life - were you discussing the underage drinking event held at Lake Beaddock sponsored by the Fairfax county Police, the school board, and Supervisor Cook? Were you discussing the fact that it happened on the anniversary of the football player drunk driving incident? Were you discussing how that incident is why JP no longer has a job at Lake Braddock? How about the fact that the dad of one of those football players in the car is leading the girls basketball "issue". Were you discussing how all of those public entities are proud of the Lake Braddock Administration for addressing the real issue? How about the fact that Supervisor Cook has instructed the FCPD to arret parents that supply alcohol at teen drinking parties? Yeah, that's what you should be discussing because that is the outcome of these "investigations".... Lake Braddock parents are on notice and if another football player drunk driving incident occurs, the South Run Helicopter parents go to jail. That's worthy of discussion.

Anonymous 2 years ago

The next person to go will be Ramey. Jim is about to clean his clock. He and his sister will expose the corruption for what it is. They are meeting with a judge to discuss giving Jim his coaching job back and paying him for this ordeal. Eleanor and Jim are going to have Thomas fired and Jim will run LBSS just like he does HR.

Anonymous 2 years ago

Mr. Kevin Sills who is a licensed lawyer is the Director of Equity and Employee Relations for Fairfax County School Board. He also usually works behind close doors to settle court cases and sign agreements on behalf of the school board.

Words of Advice: Mr. Sills, Karin Rodriquez, Cindy Fitzgerald, and Dr. Ramney are all licensed or trained lawyers so don't trust them at all.

Anonymous 2 years ago

Gatehouse really needs to be cut. Brabrand, Ramey, Lockard, Sills and the entire HR have screwed this up. Poythress should have been fired. Thomas should have been fired. The parents need to be placed under control. The school board needs people who care about the kids in place. At LBSS and gatehouse.

Anonymous 2 years ago

I wonder how many of these posts are by Jim Poythress himself...

and poythress has always called students fags and retards in his class. they had to remove him from his job as a psych teacher because he was giving students the answers to exams and spent most of the class trying to impress his football players by bragging about how much weed he used to smoke. its all pretty sad actually, but im not surprised that a bunch of adults who still follow HS sports and drama think he's a good guy. when he talks to his players and students he puts on an ebonic affectation like hes jamie kennedy in malibu's most wanted. he's a turd.

In weight training class a few years ago, Poythress stood behind a girl from the basketball team and mouthed over and over, "bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch." He looked like a middle schooler with his tidy whities in a wad. Very embarrassed for him.

Anonymous 2 years ago

The retaliation against Poythress is a symptom of a system-wide infection. FCPS has principals and HR administrators who believe that FCPS is their personal kingdom. Rules don't apply to them and they can violate rules to achieve their own goals.

We lawyers who work on behalf of FCPS can only act upon and react to the information we are provided. The infection must be treated with the removal of the diseased parts: Thomas, Sills . ..

Only then will students, parents and teachers be able to thrive in a system that is trusted and respected because it follows and enforces its own rules.

All should be glad that there are those who fight for what is right for the benefit of all: the parents seeking justice for the girls basketball players; the dad who has written to LBSS faculty and the school board about Thomas; Bogage of the Washington Post; and all who support Poythress.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Heads up. This is a federal case now. DOJ and DOE Civil Rights Divisions do not need to consult with you FCPS/LBSS trolls while they are conducting investigations. Nor do they consider your pre-approved blogging when considering the merits of an investigation. In fact, it may work against you. Think twice before you post something stupid. Whoops, too late dumbasses.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Regardless of what did or did not happen, the reason this won't die is that too many in the community want a change. Dave Thomas has been the principal for nearly ten years. Many of us, both parents and teachers, have experienced his blind-eye, put a happy face on everything destruction of Lake Braddock. Not that it isn't still a fine kids had some amazing teachers there. But they also had some that should have gotten the boot long ago. From Dave's perspective, they were all "nice" and the kids "were lucky to have them". The thing is, bad teachers affect not only students; they hurt other teachers as well. And then the good teachers leave. Also, people are just tired of the good 'ol boys...even the young ones for whom special jobs are created and the path to power cleared.

Mark my word...Matt Thomas will be allowed to finish the year as a senior, but once he graduates, Dave will be quietly moved to some admin job where he can push paper.

Anonymous 3 years ago

What's the latest with this travesty?

fcpsparent 3 years ago

Look for this to heat up as we approach the start of school. New Supt totally f'd this one up in his first week in his $450,000 job and the spineless FCPS hacks are getting nervous -- realizing they might have put their own bloated asses in the line of fire. All along, they they thought victims would forget about this. They haven't. Gatehouse parasites, LBSS lackeys, and impotent school board getting really nervous. They should be. Should be some sleepless nights coming up for the lowlifes who put their big paychecks ahead of the kids. Like the other guy said: makes me sick.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Nothing will happen. FCPS may cut corners, but not on their legal counsel. You can be sure that the new superintendent checked the legalities. FCPS is truly good at protecting its own - administration that is. Doubt there will be any shuffling of personnel. All they will do is institute more training for coaches and teachers to prevent sexual harassment. Probably most SB members were unaware of what occurred until the WaPost article.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Years from now, people will be asking how it was possible for FCPS to screw this up so badly at every single step. From the initial coverup, to the retribution, to the imaginary "investigation' to the stonewalling by the Gatehouse, to the brand new superintendent blowing off the case in his very first week in office, to the utterly useless school board failing to take action ......

This is the kind of story that eventually ends up on Dateline or 20/20.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

And all to protect one of their own. I agree with the guy who said 'this makes me sick.'

mogalmarc 3 years ago

It ain't going away folks. More players joining the game. Can't believe FCPS and the School Board are willing to sell out these children and their families to protect their own. Shame. Shame. Shame. Stay tuned.

Anonymous 3 years ago

This has been the topic of conversation for people of Burke thru out the summer.

Most of the parents and students are tired of seeing LB name being dragged through the mud.

I agree with a previous poster who said clean house, get rid of all of them and start fresh.

I just don't see this going away unless a fresh start is initiated. The new Superintendent needs to reevaluate this case.

Have the parents vote if they have confidence in Dave Thomas or not. I would think at this time, it would be a vote of no confidence in him.

If the parents are getting the high profile attorney on this case as posted, this will get even worse.

Anonymous 3 years ago

This is not about one parent, this is about a principal who did not do the right thing. When he was called out, he threw everyone else under the bus!

I agree that Park's actions inadvertently got P fired, However, Coach P should have never been fired, that was all on the principal, how do you explain that one? All of a sudden when Thomas saw Poyhthress's name on a witness list, he took him down. That is corruption my friend. Look up "whistleblower protection"

Coach P may not be the most PC person, but he seems to be the only one who was going to do the right thing in this situation and he was fired because of it. I hope he collects a huge settlement from FCPS and that will be all on Dave Thomas

The new AD is part of the Principal inner circle, he was the "lackey" who did all the dirty work for Thomas, he should have used better judgement, he needs to go as well

Thomas needs to pay the price for the damage he caused, ruining careers, damage to reputations and killing a once very proud football program, that's all on Thomas, so I support Park going after him.

Anonymous 3 years ago

I'm told many folks who don't have a dog in this fight are extremely upset about what is an obvious whitewash and complete show of bureaucrat arrogance by FCPS and gutless incompetence by the school board. Don't be surprised if some new players step up. This could very well develop into a national story.

billbob 3 years ago

Will we ever have transparency? FCPS should blackout names and turn over their findings. Let the Post evaluate what went down. If Park is wrong will say so. If the Post was inaccurate they will retracked. If FCPS is wrong????? They get sued? NOW, IF FCPS knows they are right it equals total vindication and increases faith in taxpayers, correct? So why is FCPS closing ranks? Why did the new superintendent get involved. That was a rookie mistake

Anonymous 3 years ago

How can the county determine that it was unfounded when they never even interviewed the BBall coach or any of the girls who brought forth the allegations? I know for 100% these things didn't happen. So how are they exonerating themselves?

Anonymous 3 years ago

Dave is a passive, slimy wimp. He praises all teachers even those who are incompetent and terrible to students; God knows, he won't get rid of them. The good ones are overworked and under-appreciated. Friends who retired or left can't stand Dave. They didn't leave because of students or parents; they left because the administration sucks and the school has gone down hill.

Here's my prediction. The parents won't give up (nor should they). The FCPS mafia will continue to stonewall. In the meantime, Dave's son (now a senior, I think) will be allowed to graduate. Then, hopefully, Dave will quietly be moved to some other school or an unimportant ivory tower position. The parents and community will, ultimately, get what they want. And FCPS/Dave will save face which is of utmost importance to them.

Thankfully, my kids have graduated. But as a homeowner in this community, having a quality school is critical to maintaining the value of our property.

Hopefully, Poythress got a good settlement even if he hasn't been publicly vindicated. The kids who love him don't need anyone to tell them how much he cared for and helped then, even if his methods were not politically correct.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Same old Lake Braddock. Still brushing stuff under the rug. Keep your kids safe and out of that school.

angrymom 3 years ago

The federal lawsuit will bring in Gloria Allred, when she comes in, this will be a national story.

The FCPS will be thoroughly investigated and the amount of cover ups and total ineptness of the school board administration will be on display, this new superintendent will not be in the this position very long. He had a chance to clean up this mess and failed! The minimum he should have done, would be remove Thomas from hi position at LB

Stay tuned because this is going to get really messy

Anonymous 3 years ago

You people don't get it. They have to protect Dave Thomas so FCPS will never admit to doing anything wrong in this, if they do, they open themselves up for a massive law suit from the girls on the BB team.

They need to reach out to Gloria Allred, civil rights lawyer who is noted for taking controversial cases. She has been particularly involved with cases involving the protection of women's rights.

As far as Poythress, I'm sure he is going to get a real nice check to go away quietly.

Anonymous 3 years ago

So the Superintendent did nothing?

Lets review this, coach P was terminated because he called a player names on the football field, I guess they are terming that bullying. Never mind that he was a witness who collaborate the girls story.

Dave Thomas keeps his job even though he put the girls BB team in a very risky situation by not even looking into the complaints from the girls themselves. they didn't interview one single person.

Sounds like a fair trade off....calling football players names...well that's just sooo horrible, how will we ever live with that....but girls being sexually harassed...who cares about that! I am sure they probably deserved it...right Dave?

The Superintendent may have confidence in Thomas, but how can anyone of the parents? If your daughter was in that same situation would you want to rely on Dave Thomas to remedy the situation?

teach101 3 years ago

message from LAKE BRADDOCK SEC

Dear Lake Braddock Community,

As the Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools, I am committed to ensuring that all students attend school in an environment that is respectful, safe and where they feel a high degree of trust with the staff who serve them. Unfortunately, and regrettably, there have been some breaches of this trust at LBSS.

As you may have read in recent news reports, there have been allegations of Lake Braddock Secondary School staff bullying and harassing students, as well as concerns regarding the handling of these allegations during the 2015 – 2016 school year. Well before those news reports, we had undertaken an extensive investigation including numerous interviews of staff, students, parents.

Based upon that investigation, we have determined that certain staff did in fact engage in behavior that is not tolerated under FCPS policy. Those staff who violated those policies have been removed from their positions and appropriate personnel actions have been taken. These actions took place prior to the start of the 2016 – 2017 school year. While appropriate steps were taken prior to this school year, we must continually monitor the climate and culture of our schools, and ensure that we consistently strive to provide the learning environment our students deserve.

Please know that I have personally reviewed this matter and met with Principal Thomas regarding the actions and improvements he will take to ensure no such breaches of trust occur in the future. Principal Thomas will communicate with you directly regarding his commitment to you and your children.

I believe LBSS is a strong community, and an excellent school. We are certain the school year ahead will bring renewed focus on excellence in all areas of your child’s education.


Dr. Scott Brabrand
Fairfax County Public Schools

Anonymous 3 years ago

Idk Bill Park - I do know his daughter was on the team. For everyone knocking him , are you saying it was fine that an investigation never occurred? If Coach G didn't do anything wrong, an investigation could've proved that and vice versa. Simple interviews of other bball coaches (JV) and other players never happened - jownis this okay? But now, he is able to coach anywhere and potentially cause the same kind of damage to other teams. That's okay in your eyes? Why is it so wrong for the student-athletes who reported this behavior to the school to get a fair report? No one is asking for anyone to get arrested, they wanted a fair investigation into the allegations - which never happened.

Anonymous 3 years ago

The bottom line is that the girls on the BB team were put in a situation that never should have happened. When it was brought to the attention of the administration, nothing was done. It was further brought to the attention of the Principal, again nothing was done.

Dave Thomas handled it his way and now he must pay the price.

He fired 2 people because he knew they could possibly talk to FCPS investigators and they would find out he didn't do anything but try to sweep this under the rug.
Not only did he want both fired but he went after their teaching positions, retirement and pension. That is a sign of a desperate man.

I see no other course of action then for the FCPS board to terminate him and the rest of the administration at LB. Take away job, retirement pension, all of things he tried to do to the potentials witnesses.

Its time for the school board to send a message, this will not be tolerated.

lbstudent 3 years ago

Mike Clark didn't begin an investigation because he let the Coach resign instead, his hands are NOT clean in this whole mess. The circumstances of his firing may be shady but he also had a role to play in this whole thing. Mike was a good DSS and he did as he was taught by martino and Dave. He screwed up. He also had major skeletons in his closet the school used against him.

Coach P may have been a great coach but please be aware that within the school, he was not well respected by fellow faculty. He's rude and an asshole. That doesn't mean his firing (or attempt to) was justified but let's not pretend he was this stand up guy. He called kids names in class, made highly inappropriate comments about female students, even to the daughter of 2 faculty members. All of this stuff was bound to catch up with him at some point.

Dave needs to go but let's not make martyrs out of Mike and Coach P, they're history was gonna come up sooner or later and bite them in the ass.

Anonymous 3 years ago

At the end of the day, a proper investigation into the players allegations never occurred - and this is something that needs to be rectified in a major way. It's been over a year and no one was ever interviewed - students or staff! This is the crux of the issue and this is why Dave needs to go, he's ultimately responsible. But like the previous poster said - LB is full of incompetent administrators, top to bottom.

Anonymous 3 years ago

As predicted,FCPS is now on DEFCOM 4. And the School Board is trying to figure out how they can get out of this clusterf... that they knew about a year ago. Oh, what a tangled web we weave. Some folks never learn. You think it's ugly now?

Anonymous 3 years ago

Looks like we've got a whole new ballgame here, folks. Gatehouse folks have got to be dancing fast now. School Board knuckleheads have got to be saying "Holy Shit, Ryan McElveen. Could be that folks are going to want to know why we've been spending all of our time trying to get boys access to the girls bathrooms and whining about Confederate generals. And, all along, we knew about this bullshit at Lake Braddock. My, oh my, what are we going to do now?'

Anonymous 3 years ago

So from reading this article coach Poythress, the winningest football coach in LB history was fired for potentially standing up for girls who were being sexually harassed in the girls BB program.

I don't know, but where I am from, that should be applauded, not grounds for firing.

Was Dave Thomas that desperate that he stooped so low as to fire a good Samaritan to cover him self?

I had 2 kids play for coach Poythress a few years ago, they had nothing but great things to say about him and had a great high school football experience. His style may have been a little awkward, but his message always seem to be clear and always got across.

My guess is that Thomas will be re assigned to somewhere else in the county and will go peacefully.

I wish coach P the very best and hope that the FCPS do the right thing and restore his job and coaching position back at LB

Anonymous 3 years ago

Thomas knew coach P could provide details that he didn't want the investigators to know.

Sounds like Thomas panicked, he has to come up with anything he could on short notice:

Come on!!!

Opening a side door for a college recruiter
Calling someone a name or two on the football field

That's the best he could come up with?
Worst of all FCPS didn't do anything to investigate any of this, so he was removed from the school that he had been at for the last 13 years.

Say what you want about coach P, looks like at least he had the integrity to do the right thing when students are involved. How many others would have stood up for those girls?

Anonymous 3 years ago

This whole thing needs to be sorted out and heads need to roll, starting with Thomas, then Gatehouse. They all could have done the right thing from the beginning. Instead they let it fester, lost control, and then threw people under the buss to save their own skin. Pathetic. Thankfully, things are coming to light with this article and the continuing pressure from parents, Good people got hurt in this mess, starting with the girls. Those responsible should pay the price.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Anyone close to the situation knows the deal. As for the one or two people on this thread bashing Coach P, it's clear that you are the few and those who support P are the many. Every redundant, repetitive, whining post is the same, most are written (and rewritten) by Ernesto's dad. A man who thinks he has an axe to grind when really he is the problem. Forget blaming others Sir. Instead try looking in the mirror if you want to point fingers. Your son's inability to play football is not his fault, and it isn't Coach P's fault, nor is it anyone else's fault. YOU let him get grotesquely obese before he ever reached high school. YOU are to blame. YOU failed your son. Go ahead, keep ducking personal responsibility and casting blame to cover your personal shame. Keep on with with your complaining, but know this... because of YOUR failure as a parent, your son is not capable of moving faster than a painfully laboring shuffle. If football had a position where being immensely overweight and standing like a statue were called for, your son would be perfect. Otherwise, useless. Again, it isn't his fault. It's YOURS.

Anonymous 3 years ago

After reading all this, we can see the massive cover up Thomas did to save his job, he threw everyone under the bus he thought would stand in his way. They need to fire Thomas and Kerns and bring P and Clark back. Its the only fair thing to do.

Who cares if Ernesto's dad don't like it, he is terrible and he only comes to practice once every few weeks anyways. Let him quit.

Anonymous 3 years ago

This has been the talk of town at our neighborhood pool this weekend. The big question, of course, is how could FCPS sit on this scandal for almost 2 years. And what about the kids who have had to live with this? It makes me sick. What a cesspool.

Anonymous 3 years ago

So Thomas ruined 2 peoples careers with this cover up, he should be fired!

Poythress's legacy will be forever tainted and for no good reason other then Dave Thomas covering his ass.

How does FCPS justify firing the AD and HFC/teacher under false pretenses?
I understand that coaching is only a year to year contract, but come one who fired a coach who has had a top 5 program in the state for the last few years for no good reason?

I understand the girls BB coach was never even interviewed during this investigation.....pitiful!!!!

I hope the new superintendent coming in gets rid of the all of the dead weight

thisstinks 3 years ago

Thomas will be held accountable, they will remove him from Lake Braddock and transfer him to Gatehouse.

So since all of the evidence points to Thomas, Poythress and Clark will be offered full retirement on a early basis.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Doesn't FCPS have rules and regulations? Isn't there a procedure to follow when complaints are filed? Are principals involved in investigations that they are the targets of?

There must be guidelines!

How does the School Board handle complaints? Who advises the School Board members?

This cluster is happening in our county, one of the richest in the country?

Maybe the new Superintendent should begin with a good house cleaning!

Anonymous 3 years ago

Finally the principal is being investigated

Anonymous 3 years ago

Why does Thomas still have a job? So to all the people who said LB does not have corruption guess you were wrong. Dave Thomas is very corrupt.

Anonymous 3 years ago

The girls should not have been subjected to this type of treatment.

"One survey provided to The Post described the VB coach as “making sexual references to a player who was blowing up a balloon, suggesting she had her lips on a condom.”

concernedmom 3 years ago

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