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How to request a FOIA Report!

Simply contact FCPS and ask if they have a FOIA Form, then submit that along with a formal letter to them requesting the Salaries of the officials -- you may need to list individually, or any other pertinent information you are searching for.

As for HS grades, if it's grades of the officials, those are not Job related in the sense that they were in HS many years prior to employment, and would be out of FCPS control or Responsibility. So you have no Right to that information.

If you're requesting current student's grades other than your children, Forget it. They are Minors and have protection under the Law.

You'll probably want help from an attorney, along with sending copies to the FFX. Co. Board of Supervisors depending on the information that you obtain.

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This is an important right we all have and should be exercising on a regular basis.

Anonymous 2 years ago

You don't have to have a reason.
Salaries are easy.
Grades are protected.
You don't need a lawyer.
Don't bother sending a copy to the Board of Supervisors.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Ask about the "special needs" student who was sent to a boarding school in Pennsylvania because said student could not get their needs met in Fairfax County. Not only was the cost of attending this school paid for by Fairfax County (i.e. taxpayers), the kids parents were reimbursed by Fairfax County for the expenses they would incur to go visit their child. Furthermore, if the parents were not able to go get their child to bring them home for a visit, say Thanksgiving or Christmas, Fairfax County would send a Fairfax County employee in a Fairfax County vehicle to pick up the child and bring them home to FFX.

Anonymous 3 years ago

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