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New Eagle View principal?

Anyone know who will be replacing Patty Granada at Eagle View?

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Principal's set the tone......

I see the influence of a principal every day for I engage in the culture of different schools all across the country through the IEP / 504 Plan process. And there's no cultural-barometer unlike these meetings; one gets a true sense of a school's character, culture, and tone through an IEP meeting. So here's the pattern from my perspective: Like in any organization or business, 20% of the personnel are truly gifted; and their efforts shine no matter who is their boss. Another 20% of a staff are pushing the edge toward incompetence, or are misplaced in their career. This is common to business, organizations, and also within schools. So that leaves 60% of the personnel in the middle; and the influence of leadership can sway this group toward excellence or incompetence. And in the case of school administration, an effective principal is able to guide the team through infectious attitide (positive), professional development resources, and developing collegial relationships. When these things happen, the school flourishes. And the 60% moves toward the extraordinary 20%. Funny thing that happens in this process, the other 20%, either quits, moves on to another school through transfer, or becomes part of the 60%. So, it's so true, principals make a difference. Big time!

5thteach 3 years ago

Yes--but a principal's job is to boost morale and motivate! A principal has power too---which changes the dynamics! While it is true that schools need effective leadership, and a weak or incompetent principal is hell on morale, the office that controls the climate, especially climate, is the superintendent's.

Eagle View Principal (Patty) had to move due to complaints and a few lawsuits.

A few years ago Laurel Hill Elementary School had the entire administrative team turnover because of the work morale was very low & legal complaints.

Lynbrook Principal had to retire due to low academic achievement for years

Whitman Middle School Principal was moved to central office then the replacement died from a heart attack.

Willow Springs Principal had to retire due to complaints from employees.

Anonymous 3 years ago

If anyone thinks that these difficult principals or vice principals go away they are crazy. They are just moved to another school to create a new toxic environment. Just check out other schools on here. For example, Eagle View is close to Fairfax Villa and now The Villa is a mess.

Patty does down the street to Greenbaiar and life goes on.

TOo bad we were not just good as recycling the rest of the junk in our life as we do with administrators in FCPS.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Once again the Fairfax County School Board appoints a Principal that doesn't reflect the student population. Ms. Kanchana Iyer is the new principal at Eagle View and she has a lot of work to do because of the mess that was left behind.

The former principal, Patty Granada, specifically targeted individual teachers for years given the punitive measures that were sometimes solely prompted by personality conflicts. She is a covert racist and it was disguised and subtle. For a long time it was unnoticeable but eventually the seemingly passive methods got noticed.

I am not surprised that Patty Granada still has a job after all that happened at Eagle View. Did she learn her lesson? Only time will tell

Anonymous 3 years ago

Since this is Fairfax county, I can only guess that the Hispanic population at this school is very high, and many of these kids' parents are here illegally.
But it's o.k, taxpayers can afford to educate and feed their children.

Anonymous 3 years ago

As someone who has worked with Mrs.Iyer, this is a great hire for Eagle View. She is super at dealing with difficult personalities which there were plenty I saw her work with firsthand. She wants what's best for the kids and I can't think of anyone more deserving.

Anonymous 3 years ago

FCPS knows how to make a story look like it something else. Mrs. Granada shared how she was going to stay at Eagle View until she retired but then the investigations started against her and Mrs. Edwards (Special Education Assistant Principal) who retired on February 3rd 2017.

Now Granada still gets to keep her job? I guess being a principal is very political but it is really true that she is moving to Greenbriar West Elementary School.

Patty Granada is GONE FROM EAGLE VIEW!!! This is great news!

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!!!

Anonymous 3 years ago

Kanchana Iyer was named principal of Eagle View Elementary School, effective July 24. Iyer currently serves as assistant principal of Lutie Lewis Coates Elementary. A 23-year veteran educator with Fairfax County Public Schools, Iyer began her career as an instructional assistant in a kindergarten class. She later served as an English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) teacher at Forestdale, Lynbrook, and Camelot Elementary Schools and was the lead ESOL teacher at Colin Powell and Colvin Run Elementary Schools. She has also worked in the Office of Language Acquisition and Title 1 as well as a school-based administrator, including administrative intern at Dogwood Elementary, acting assistant principal at Westbriar and Lake Anne Elementary Schools, and assistant principal at Mount Vernon Woods and Lutie Lewis Coates, where she currently serves. She is an experienced leader who has led the implementation of reading-writing workshop as well as guided math and math workshop. She earned a bachelor of arts from George Mason University and a master of education degree from Marymount University. She holds an administrative endorsement from the University of Virginia.

Anonymous 3 years ago

I think that Kanchana Iyer can actually help assist the teachers at Eagle View recover from the lack of ESOL programming and compliance issues. I feel sorry for her because she is coming after Patty Granada. This is just like when Marie Lemmon left Mount Vernon Woods (which was failing) to become the Principal at Baileys Elementary School then Dr. Pam Simpkins came in afterwards to recuse the sinking boat but it failed.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Kanchana Iyer...

She worked with Marie Lemmon at Mount Vernon Woods Elementary then went to two other schools as an assistant Principal before becoming a principal. Mrs. Iyer joned Coates Elementary in 2013. According to the letter parents received....She started her career in FCPS as a Kindergarten IA and then was an ESOL teacher for 10 years. She then transitioned into central office and worked for the Office of Language Acquisition/Title I for 5 years before becoming an Assistant Principal. Mrs. Iyer graduated from George Mason University with an undergraduate degree in English. She then obtained her masters in Education/ESOL from Marymount University and an endorsement in Administration/Supervision from the University of Virginia. Mrs. Iyer has two kids, a 5th grade daughter and an 11th grade son. Her husband coaches basketball and her kids are avid basketball players! They love to travel as a family, especially the beach.

luvtoteach 3 years ago

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