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Thoreau Middle School Teacher Arrested

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Matthew Snell, 31, was detained and arrested at the border in El Paso, Texas. Snell is a teacher at Thoreau Middle School located in Vienna. He has been charged with carnal knowledge of a child and taking indecent liberties with a child by a person in custodial relationship.

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This guy is actually in a leadership role?

Anonymous 2 months ago

FCPS hopes it will all just go away quietly as if nothing happened. Nobody gives a shit except to preserve FCPS reputation--to make sure all of the academic numbers look good. Braband only acknowledged when Daniel Kim got arrested at his precious Fairfax High School (where his boys attend). He made no statement and issued no press release about Matthew Snell. Braband needs to go. Principals and other administrators need to held accountable and liable and then changes will happen.

Anonymous 3 months ago

It is concerning how everything quiets down and then just disappears, until the next situation occurs.

Has the assistant principal that ultimately ignored concerns communicated by others been held accountable?

Anonymous 5 months ago

A second Thoreau Middle School students comes forward as a victim of Mr. Snell and the incompetent administration of Fairfax County Public Schools.

Anonymous 6 months ago

Region 1 (Herndon High School and Madison High School) Pyramids supervised by Superintendent Douglas Tyson. Herndon is where the teacher filmed all of the students in compromising situations.

Anonymous 6 months ago

To confirm: Yusef Azimi has been removed from his administrative duties.

Anonymous 6 months ago

He is fairly new to FCPS with articles on the internet eluding to why he left his position as a HS administrator in Illinois.

Anonymous 7 months ago

Perhaps the FCPS Superintendent Scott Brabrand should employ the Region 1 Assistant Superintendent Douglas Tyson and the Executive Principal John Banbury to further investigate this matter as well as inefficiencies that exist at Thoreau Middle School.

Anonymous 7 months ago

I had several children attend there and then later Madison High. For whatever reason, this school has always had issues. The students did great academically, but perhaps under too much pressure. The counselors and administration just have never been equipment to handle the various aspects that have plagued this school.

My daughter attended when a young teen committed suicide by suffocating himself with a plastic bag due to BULLYING that was never addresses by administrators. So very tragic.

Anonymous 7 months ago

The principal at that school was told of abuse going on at that school but chose to not have it looked into, that principal let down that poor victem because he was told about abuse going on at that school last year.

Anonymous 7 months ago

wow smh!!!!!

Anonymous 7 months ago

These comments are violent
Ya it was really bad but y’all need to chill out

Anonymous 7 months ago

they should all be removed immediately. This is despicable!

Anonymous 7 months ago

Sad part is Thoreau is probably one of the best middle school in FCPS. Just imaging now what goes on in the other schools that us parents and the community dont even know about.

Anonymous 7 months ago

Yusef Azimi, Charles Condill, Frances Furr, and Rebecca Aguilar

Anonymous 7 months ago

Where was ADMINISTRATION in all of this??? just more incompetence. The higher you go up, the less accountability. it is too bad because ultimately the students, and our children suffer.

Anonymous 7 months ago

What is happening in our schools?

Anonymous 7 months ago

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