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Fairfax High Math Teacher just Charged

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Daniel Kim, 29 of Oakton, Virginia was charged yesterday with taking indecent liberties with a student. A student disclosed to authorities that sexual activity between the two occurred.

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We complained about Daniel Kim the beginning of 2019 and Lenart and her administrators did nothing but ignore us and cover it up. She sent a notice on Friday, November 15 that she would be out until January 2020. Daniel Kim gets arrested on Wednesday, November 20. Lenart left the acting principal holding a bag of shit.

Anonymous 5 months ago

What a weird-looking bunch of administrators. They all look special-ed. Is there a big special-ed program at Fairfax High or something?

Anonymous 6 months ago

What happened to Asma Junco, one of the APs? She just seemed to disappear.

Anonymous 6 months ago

Rebecca Baenig Assistant Superintendent, Region 5 where are you? What do you have to say about the entire situation?

Anonymous 6 months ago

I bet the Thoreau Middle School administrators are glad that this happened (might help divert attention away from them).

Anonymous 6 months ago

Erin Lenard is currently in medical leave, however issues with this teacher dates back to when he first started to teach at Fairfax High. Concerns were brought to her attention on numerous occasions last spring and absolutely nothing was done. Now this! Will there be other victims like in the Matthew Snell situation at Thoreau Middle School?

Anonymous 6 months ago

I agree! ...and administrators who can’t make it as administrators are promoted to Regional superintendents and so forth. Ultimately Scott Brabrand is responsible. He has covered-up one wrong-doing after another or has repeatedly neglected student safety and well-being starting with the entire Lake Braddock fiasco, then the Oakton High sexual assault of a young lady on a school field trip, and now these sexual assaults if no one is held accountable.

Anonymous 6 months ago

Interestingly enough Erin Lenart who is the current Principal at Fairfax High was an administrator at Thoreau Middle School a few years back. Rumors circulated that she and Mr Greenfelder had something “going on”. When he moved from Thoreau, she followed and so did the scandal.

Connect the dots people. Incompetencies are rampant within Fairfax County Public Schools. The teachers who cant make it as teachers, are promoted to Administrators.

Anonymous 6 months ago

Seems to be that FCPS is causing more trauma to students than good. Perhaps this is the all inclusiveness that Dr. Scott Brabrand is pushing for within our schools.

Anonymous 6 months ago

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