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Teacher rips hijab of student's head - Lake Braddock

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More inappropriate teacher-behavior at Lake Braddock Secondary school in Burke VA. Amazing what Gatehouse allows to take place in their schools. I gues if people there are getting PAID the big bucks, what happens in schools really doesn't matter.

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Unbelievable how this was ultimately handled

Anonymous 2 years ago

It finally caught up to Mr. Sanders. When you have girls in your classroom at lunch all the time and you go right up to the line with appropriate/inappropriate comments, sooner or later, something going to happen, and it wont be a good ending for Mr. Sanders. He's been towing this line for years, and all it take sis one immature girl to be upset abut something.

Anonymous 2 years ago

What will liberals do? Two of their most protected and cherished groups are pitted against each other?
I think once the news media finds out it was not a white teacher, they will slink away from the story.

Anonymous 2 years ago

Such an innocent mistake that will ruin a great teachers career. Why the hell isnt fcps standing up for their teachers/staff? They just roll over at the smallest incident. Over exaggeration on the incident. Teacher was just following the rules, and accidentally pulled off the hijab, barely... there is no job security in the county. Anyone could accuse a staff member of something, and bam, you’re fired. Way to go.

Anonymous 2 years ago

She put it in Twitter and misrepresented the situation. She went there so she's ready to play in the big leagues?

Anyone have a picture of her without her hijab? She doesn't always wear it. She had dirty hair and was just embarrassed.

Let admin handle this and then let the kids handle her.

Anonymous 2 years ago

This young lady's cry wolf shit and CAIR stirring up nonsense makes a mockery of the American education system regardless of religion, and once again shows how good intentions become "points" to ruin a good educators career.

Feel good about yourself young lady and "CAIR"? You ruined an educators life and a good school with a whine based upon nothing.

Anonymous 2 years ago

So you have girls basketball players being sexually harassed, football coach black balled and fired because he was a witness, AD being fired and now this!!!!!

All under Desperado Dave's watch!

When will the school board figure out Dave must go?

He has the responsibility to make sure students have a safe environment he has failed on multiple levels and times.

In the words of Jesse Jackson, Its Time for a Change!!!!

Anonymous 2 years ago

CAIR said that they “welcomed” the decision to place the teacher on leave, “but further disciplinary action needs to be taken based on the results of the investigation into this disturbing incident,” National Executive Director Nihad Awad said in a statement.

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said that a similar incident in Tennessee cost a teacher a job. “It’s really a disturbing phenomenon, that people going to school, going about their daily lives, are now subject to this kind of harassment and attack. … This is happening nationwide, and should be addressed with a nationwide response.”

Hooper said that removing a student’s hijab is “similar to removing somebody’s shirt or pants or any other article of clothing that works to provide modesty for that individual. It’s an extremely disturbing kind of religious insult and offense, and it’s something that no student, or anyone in our society, should be subjected to.”

He added that such an attack “could be considered a hate crime.” He added that he hoped the school system would make the incident “a teaching moment.” CAIR has reached out to the student’s family, but hasn’t heard back yet.

Source: WTOP

Anonymous 2 years ago

I feel very bad for Mr. Saunders. He must be going through a lot of stress right now.
An accident happens and he is demonized.
How sad.

It is high time this kind of thing come to an end in our culture.
We should not tolerate these kind of wildly exaggerated accusations and aspersions .
There seems to be many witnesses to what happened. I am hopeful enough will come forward and truthfully confess what they DID see.

If not, I support Mr. Saunders 100 percent in standing up for himself legally and with action and suit. If this in fact results in his termination, he should absolutely fight this in court, not only for his own sake, but to set a precedent so that others will not fall victim to this kind of lousy absurdity of falsely accusing one of intentional wrong doing and then blowing it up all of the internet.

Let's resize the mountain back to it's REAL state, which is a molehill .. an accidental molehill .. which never hurt anyone.

Anonymous 2 years ago

Saunders, Lesmond M $99,618 Technology Education Tchr, HS

Anonymous 2 years ago


You are a smart and intelligent young lady. You were wearing a hooded sweatshirt (against Mr. Saunder's classroom policy and school policy) over your hajib. You have to take responsibility for that. You know Mr. Saunders is a good person. He has allowed you to eat lunch in his room with your friends for a very long time. He wasn't out to hurt you or embarass you. Your tweet says he "ripped it off" Your head. You know he didn't do that. It slipped when he was removing the hood from your sweatshirt.

One could argue that he should not have done that and asked you to do it yourself, understood.

Your tweet has caused a national spotlight on a sutuation that was a mistake. People make mistakes. People learn from mistakes. Unfortunately now, because you are unwilling to discuss what happened with him, he may lose his job. He isn't a monster. He didn't commit a hate crime. He over-stepped and I'm sure feels really really bad about it because I know he cares about you and respects you.

Yasmine, you have the power to be gracious, accepting and forgiving to heal from this and not ruin a good man's life. Mistakes are inevitable. You will make your share of them in life, too. Please do the right thing for yourself, Mr. Saunders and the school you love as well. Bring peace to this situation for everyone involved.

Anonymous 2 years ago

Dear Lake Braddock Parents and Guardians,

As you know, we continuously strive to create a positive learning environment at Lake Braddock Secondary School, and this week we regrettably had an incident that failed to live up to those standards. There has been a significant amount of discussion about this incident on social media and it has also drawn the attention of local media.

LBSS and FCPS take the rights and responsibilities of students seriously, and expect a high level of professionalism from our staff at all times. In this case, a teacher's actions were inappropriate and the school has apologized to the student and the student's family. Please know that a full investigation is being conducted.

I want to reinforce that we celebrate the diversity of our students and families, it is a strength of our school. Our staff and counselors are available to assist any student that wants to discuss their feelings or emotions regarding the incident.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Thank you,

David Thomas

Anonymous 2 years ago

Yasmine, seems to me like other people said you were wearing a hoodie too and either he didn't mean to touch your hijab or he thought your hijab was a hoodie. He should know never to touch a student in this day and age but you are going to ruin this guy's life over a dumb mistake?

Stop being so god damn sensitive. No one gives a shit about your hair. Yeah he tried to play it off as a joke, it was probably super awkward for him. And thanks for making a national incident out of this. I'm so glad my real estate taxes will get to be used now for your college education or whatever shit you plan to spend it on once you probably win a law suit over this bc everyone is so damn sensitive.

Anonymous 2 years ago

He didn’t rip it off!!!!! Let’s start with the truth and go from there!!!!!
This is all Muslim bullshit to further the claim of white hate. Well fuck yeah,
we gonna hate when make up lying bullshit to get attention!!!

Anonymous 2 years ago

Wow....can’t beleive we are going to lose on of the best teachers we have over this bullshit. She said he assaulted her which is totally not true, there we tons of us that saw what happened. Just wow.

Anonymous 2 years ago

What's really wrong here is the entitlement of this student. So the teacher tugged on her hijab when the hoodie came down. Ooops sorry. He wouldn't do that again I'm positive. She takes to social media using "snatched off my hijab" and doesn't say anything else and it becomes a feeding frenzy of mess. How about the girl stops talking in class and doesn't wear a hoodie? I see his rights being trampled back in this. All good teachers quit because kids are entitled and threatening. Where will we be? Admin offered a mediation time for her to speak with him but she hits twitter? Bring in the lawyers.

Anonymous 2 years ago

This teacher is a well respected teacher
Has a good reputation
He has worked with the county many years
His class is the showcase FCPS
He had been teacher of the week

From my understanding he does not allow hoodies or caps in his classroom
When he pulled the student hoodie off he accidentally pulled the hijab
He meant no malice
He offers his apologies to student and her family

After all his years of service to the county and receiving so many accolades he had been terminated - just leaving it that

Anonymous 2 years ago

Send an email to the regional assistant superintendent telling her of your experience in detail

Anonymous 2 years ago

It is quite surprising that FCPS tolerates the touching of students outside of an emergency-type situation in this manner.....accident or not. If the teacher were white, there is no way that he would be back in the classroom so quickly. FCPS must not be acknowledging the significance of her concerns and that of her religion to have placed him back into the classroom so soon.

Wrong on so many levels!

Anonymous 2 years ago

* a legal injury is removal of constitutional rights (which school children legally do not have, it's never been enforced that way in Virginia)

* a legal injury is "my finger permanently no longer works right because you shattered it" - and can no longer work like i used to. (getting a scratch is not a legal injury)

* a legal injury is above $500 (that should be adjusted to $2,000 after obama - i have no idea why they haven't moved that). the only reason you can sue over $500 is because "small claims courts" allow it: though note they are different in the law, legally optional for a state to offer, and weaker

* a legal injury is blocking someone else from making a living intently (democrats)

anything else is a civil claim - which means "a ticketable offense" / "a tort" (pay a fine to gov or person), something that is bad but not bad enough to point a weapon to enforce (militia, police officers). it is "civic code" and or (the weaker called) regulations.

pulling a questionable hat (noting the teacher is not in the news claiming a victory of some kind), doesn't even meet the standard of a tort law

Anonymous 2 years ago

FCPS policy is clear that you do not touch a student unless it is a emergency situation. He should at the very least be suspended without pay for a month or two. I would think the girl involved could press charges for the assault if she wanted to.

Anonymous 2 years ago

Lesmond Saunders. He is black so there is no way he will get fired. If a white teacher had done that he would be fired and imprisoned. Thats just the way things are.

Anonymous 2 years ago

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